Taking stock, looking forward and pressing on ....


Covid 19 may have altered our course and slowed our progress a little, but our trust is in God and we rejoice in his faithfulness and care of us. We have ideas and hopes for the future of the congregation, so we take stock, we look forward and we press on.


We are back worshipping in our building on Sunday mornings again from March 28th 2021 and are confident we can accomodate all of our regular worshippers and welcome some more. We continue to broadcast a service each Sunday for those who are not able to join us  and praise God that others further afield have also found these broadcasts helpful. We also continue to broadcast a short devotion on a Psalm, the Psalm of the Week, each Wednesday or Thursday.


The midweek prayer gathering, Youth Group and Sunday School have continued during lockdown using Zoom. Please let us know if you would like to join in.


We have plans for future outreach to take place as and when COVID control measures ease.


Looking forward to future ministry here, we are soon to enter a time of change. Our minister, Rodger Crooks, will retire at the end of April 2021 so we will begin our search for a new minister. In relation to this we urgently need a manse and are working towards this goal for which we have been praying and planning for quite some time. Please join with us to pray for the Lord's guidance as we have important decisions to make. This is a big commitment for a small congregation like ours but one we know will help secure the future of the congregation and further the work of the Gospel here in Campbeltown.


Please visit our Support page for details of how you can support us prayerfully and/or practically.