A time of change


This is a time of change for the congregation.  At the end of April 2021 we said farewell to our minister, Rev Rodger Crooks, and his wife Joan.  The growth of the congregation prior to Rodger’s arrival at the end of 2017 made it possible for us to have a minister based in the town for the first time in over 20 years.  The congregation were greatly blessed and encouraged by Rodger’s 3½ years ministry with us and greatly miss Rodger and Joan who worked faithfully and tirelessly during their time with us.


We are thankful that the congregation has recently been given permission to call a minister who can be with us for at least the next 5 years. We have now begun our search for a new minister and would value your prayers as we do so.


We would also value prayer for us as we plan to build a manse.  This project involves developing a field owned by the Free Church Board of Trustees and selling the plots to largely finance the building of a manse.   This is a big commitment for a small congregation like ours but one which we hope will help to secure the future of the congregation and further the work of the Gospel here in Campbeltown.


Please visit our Support page for details of how you can support us prayerfully and/or practically.