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We value your support
How you can help

As a small rural congregation we value support from friends near and far.

We are very thankful for all who remember us in prayer and who help us financially.


Here are some current topics for prayer:


We give thanks:-

  • That our congregation has been given permission to call a minister for five years following the retirement of Rodger Crooks . 

  • For being able to meet in the church building again for Sunday worship and midweek meetings.

  • For the children who attend Sunday School.

  • For the young people who are part of our Youth Group that meets fortnightly on Zoom.

  • For a number of people who have been added to our congregation in recent months.

​Please pray:-

  • That God would guide us to call a new minister.

  • That the church would continue to grow both spiritually and numerically.

  • That God would raise up men to take leadership in the congregation.

  • For spiritual awakening in our community.

  • For more families to attend church.

  • For more children to attend Sunday School.

  • For outreach opportunities.

  • For sufficient finances to meet our commitments.

  • For planning permission to move forward with the manse project.

​​We continue to be thankful to God for meeting our needs and are grateful to our members and friends for their financial support. If you would like to support us in this way please visit our GIVING page. Thank you.  

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